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In Honor Of Mothers, 
Through the Month of May,
 We are offering some Pretty Spectacular Specials!

Until May, 31 2018

$10.00 off All Signature Massages.

Choose any of these Delicious Flavors:

Champagne & Rose      Pumpkin      Cranberry

Peppermint Stick     Coconut Lime

Chocolate Cake     Raspberry     Cherry     Mint
The antioxidant richness of the Signature Oils are extracted and added to Jojoba oil, for an extremely hydrating, aromatic Experience.

1 hour Signature Massage - $60.00

1/2 hour Signature Massage - $35.00

1 hour Signature Massage X2 - $120.00

1/2 hour Signature Massage X2 - $70.00

Signature Salt Glow - $40.00

Signature Salt Glow X2- $80.00

1/2 hour Signature Massage & Salt Glow - $65.00

1/2 hour Signature Massage & Salt Glow X2 - $130.00

1 hour Signature Massage & Salt Glow - $90.00

1 hour Signature Massage & Salt Glow X2 - $180.00
This invigorating exfoliation treatment helps remove dead skin cells. Glacier sea salts combined with the antioxidant rich oils are applied in circular motions and then removed by a shower. This treatment leaves your skin glowing and silky smooth.

See our Holiday Specials Page for a complete listing of all of our 
May, 2018 Promotions.

The specials listed below is available for purchase with 

Happy Mother's Day $60.00
1 Hour Signature Massage 
Signature Massage Options Include: Coconut Lime, Champagne and Rose, Cranberry Bog, Peppermint Stick, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry

Mom and Me - $120.00
1 Hour Signature Massage for Two 
Performed in the Same or Separate Rooms.

Mom 2-Be Pregnancy Massage - $65.00
Alleviate the discomforts of the physical challenges your body is experiencing. The use of a special body cushion aids in your comfort while being massaged.

Details: all Clients New and Return, of Serenity Spa are eligible to receive this discount May 1st 2018 through May 31st 2018 
Mothers Day Special Must be mentioned at the time of booking the appointment in order to receive the discount.
Just Ask for the "Signature Upgrade" when Booking. 
No Signup or Membership Required to receive Promotional Discount, EVER!
Serenity Spa is open by appointment only and subject to availability. 
Call 603-669-5593 to schedule an appointment.